PMP Germ Guard is a Proudly South African company at the forefront in providing Covid-19 Health and Safety Essential Products to the Tourism Travel and Accommodation sector as per the protocols for Covid-19 Operations and the “NEW NORMAL”.

With the leadership of our CEO & Founder Mr Ravi Naidoo and other Executives, our vast knowledge and experience in the Tourism Sector will enable us to cater for any request for our products anywhere in the country whilst keeping the costs in line with the current situation of the economy within the Tourism Industry. Our motto is to address the compliance of Covid-19 within all sectors of the Tourism Industry by means of supplying accredited Covid-19 Essentials to the Tourism Industry . We will partner with our clients to set a standard for compliance within the industry.

We strongly believe that our word is our bond and that the relationships we create are critical to our success. Integrity in all we do is imperative, and must be reflected in our commitment to excellence, quality solutions and products, ethics and moral standards in our dealings with our people, customers, joint venture partners, distributors, representatives, agents and suppliers

We have the desire, unwavering passion and approach to be the leading supplier of products to the Tourism & Hospitality Industry, so that these establishments and Operators are compliant with the “TOURISM & HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY STANDARD PROTOCOLS FOR COVID-19 OPERTIONS.” “PER – TBCSA – 01 AUGUST 2020” & Revised Version 01 October 2020.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow and to ensure we are recognised as a leader in our field of preventive hygiene and safety for Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols, thereby delivering considerable value for our customers and sustaining the growth of our business.